Otii Arc Pro - Uart channel delay

Hi all,

I’m using the uart channel of Otii Arc Pro to automate some measurements on Raspberry Pi 3B+ (RPI), but I ran some tests and noticed that the uart channel adds a non-negligible delay in RPI-PC communication. The baudrate is set to 115200.

The test I performed calculates the RTT required for a message of a few bytes to reach the PC and return to the RPI, and the results are on the order of 10 ms. Also, from time to time the channel adds errors to the transmitted message, so I will have to add reliability checks.

The RPI needs 5V to operate and the Otii seems to barely reach that voltage, could this be the cause of the unreliable uart channel? What about the non-negligible delay added by the communication channel? Have you experienced a similar delay in your tests?

I would like to use the uart to annotate the trace captured by Otii, but the channel does not allow for fine-grained measurements due to the high delay of the messages.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for late response.
We are not really sure what you have tested and would like you to create a case in our case system to better understand this.

If you use an DC adapter and set the Arc to high range, not auto range, then you can set the output voltage to 5V.

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