Otii Software on notebook fan speed

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First of all, I am a big fan of the Otii. I’m using it every day.
I’m using it on my notebook which tries to fly away while recording the current consuption, which is basically what I’m doing all the time as a low-power developer. The CPU temp rises up quickly and the fan becomes very loud. Any possibilities to lower the CPU load? Toggling the OpenGL rendering does not affect the load.

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Hi Manuel,

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Otii 2.x is built on a single-core architecture that doesn’t scale well. For this reason the next major release has been re-written with performance and extensibility as the main requirements. We expect to do a closed beta release early next year. If anyone want to participate, let us know throw our case system.

The OpenGL setting has nothing to do with performance, but is used to disable OpenGL on some systems where the Otii GUI doesn’t render correctly.

Some tips for lower the cpu usage until the new software is available:

  • Do not select “Fit width” as this will trigger calculations all the time
  • Mark a part of the graph while recording, to avoid the system to do statistical calculations all the time
  • Long recordings with a lot of UART lines will also slow the system down, for long recordings avoid this.
  • When you have a long recording ongoing, avoid changing things in the UI to not risk the thread to stall.
  • Do not use the computer for other stuff while you do your long recording.

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Hi Joakim,

Thank you very much for the answer. I will try to follow your tips. I’m very interested in participating the closed beta. I will let you know in the case system.

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