Otii software slow when zoomed out

I’ve just started using the otii device & software, and so far, I absolutely love it! It has already been a great help in finding out what to optimise.

The only problem I have so far, is that the software seems quite slow when more than ~10 seconds is on the screen at the same time. It appears slow both when zooming out/in and when moving the “measurement window”. I’m running it on a macbook pro, so I don’t think hardware should be the issue. It also happens on windows(on an emulator).

Is this a known issue/does this happen for everyone?


It’s a known issue that Otii becomes slow when viewing lots of data. But I wouldn’t consider 10 seconds lots of data unless there are a lot of recordings. How many recordings do you have?

We have an internal ticket to work with the graph performance. I’ll make sure it’s flagged as customer feedback.

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Actually, 10 seconds is still alright, but after 20 seconds it does get noticeably slow, and at one minute it’s really quite bad. At 10 minutes it already takes multiple seconds to zoom in/out one level.

I do have a lot of recordings(20 or 30 or so), but I have only one visible right now, would it be better if I have projects with just a few measurements(even if most are hidden)?

I must admit I’m not sure. I’ll ask verification team to check if graph visibility has any effect on performance or not. If it does not, I’ll file a separate bug for that. Data that you can’t see shouldn’t be calculated upon.

Okay, I did a quick check, and the software is very fast in a new project with just one measurement! Like you said, I think hidden graphs shouldn’t affect the performance, and if they wouldn’t I think I’d be even happier!

Hi again

If you create a case I can attach a test software for you. It’s based upon 2.2.1 with a single extra commit. Hopefully it will behave better.

Thanks, just did!

It was determined that calculations were made on all recordings even if they were hidden. This has been fixed, and verified by @thijsc. The fix will be included in next software release.

@thijsc: Thanks for reporting this and helping out with verification.

No problem, and thanks for providing me with test software!

I would like to say that there is still a noticeable difference between my old project with 30+ recordings(one visible) and my new project with just a few recordings.

It’s definitely a lot better in the test software, but there’s still some performance issues I’d say!

We’ll continue to investigate. I have one additional idea that might affect the performance related to hidden recordings, but it’s much harder to fix.

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