Power consumption on Arduino MKR GSM 1400


I connected my Arduino MKR GSM 1400 to the OTII arc using external power supply (7.5V from an adapter) through the 7-9V port, and connected it to the computer using USB port to supply 3.7V.

The current that I measure in the idle state (using both ArduinoLowPower and RTCZero library) is about 9-10mA after pulling up the floating pins as suggested.
This value is much higher than the 3mA as suggested in your video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVho42UC43Q&t=156s).

Could you kindly advice what I’m doing wrong here to get an idle current so high?

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It took some work to minimize the power consumption. I’ll dig up the old code and doublecheck it first, and if power consumption looks OK I’ll share the setup with you.
Will try to come back on this tomorrow Thursday.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot.
I look forward to what you find.


No problem. I found the HW and fired it up, but it’s another sketch that consumes 44mA, so need to find the power optimized version first.

Hi, seems original code disappeared with my previous laptop, but I had some junk code laying around and could re-create it. I attach the measurements here, about 3.07 mA in sleep mode. The trick seems to be to put the SAMD21 to sleep properly. If you open a case in our case system I’ll give you the (very ugly) code as well.MKR1400 - 3mA.otii (1.2 MB)

Hi Marc,

It would be a huge help if you could kindly share the rough code.
We are running a bit stretched on deadlines so would really appreciate if you could share it at your
earliest convenience.
Is there a procedure to open a case?

Hi Marc,

I’ve created a new case titled ’ Standby mode power consumption’.

Please let me know once you have an update.

Thanks and regards.

Hi Marc,

Thanks so much for sharing the code.
I’ll get on with it today and let you know if I find any success. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m following up on this, as I am working on a similar project, and am having readings consistent with kbhargava with my MKR GSM 1400. I would appreciate the code for putting the SAMD unit to sleep.


Hi flipthesis and welcome to the forum.

If you, or anyone else are interested in the quickly written code, then create a case in our case system.
Refer the case to MKR GSM 1400.

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Hi Bjorn! I’ve submitted a case a few days ago now, but am not quite sure what you mean by referring the case to MKR GSM 1400? Would love to get some input!


Thank you for the case. I have sent you some information.
I hope this helps!

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