Request: Colour code and note sections of a recording


It would be nice to be able to highlight sections of a recording different colours, or shades of the profile colour. Here we can then see sections quickly as per the shading we define when selecting the UART log.

I.e. Highlight UART text and right-click menu “colour”
We could even have a “note” that goes with this ‘section’ of the recording.


Hi Phil,

Thank you for your improvement suggestion!

Just to understand you correctly.
Do you propose that you can select a part of the graph, choose another color/different shade of the color, and then the UART log should follow this?
This goes in both directions, i.e you can also select in the UART log and change color in the graph.

Best regards,

Yes. A bit like this:

This was made by a customer creating multiple recordings and cutting out the sections. Must have taken a lot of fiddling!

Anyway, a picture says a thousand words, so if we could highlight the UART log and then be able to charnge the colour of that, we could then see instantly the various sections.

In this example it’s our SARA-R4 LTE module; with Boot, scan, attach, send HTTP request, shutdown.

You might be able to get to have this ‘feature’ by simply being able to “Cut & Paste” in to another recording. Do you know what I mean?