Scripting Licence and multiple Otii's

Hi guys,

I need to duplicate the test jig hardware anyway, so I thought I’d ask - given we now have two Otii’s and since I saw Werner’s video on multiple Otii’s…

I’m assuming the scripting licence is tied to the machine? not the individual Otii? i.e. I have a licence already, I don’t need two? ( to run the same script on the same machine with two Otii’s connected?)

These battery tests take forever… be nice if I can run them in parallel.


It’s tied to the machine. So you can do as many battery tests as you like on the same machine at the same time.


The setup I’m using to profile batteries in my lab space is a few Arcs connected to one computer with one otii premium license. The only difference from the video is that I run one script per device so they can start and stop independently (you specify the device on the command line to otiicli)