Is it ok to have one premium for multiple devices?

I’m wondering if it is allowed to have one premium account and multiple devices working with different computers?

Scenario is:
I am working with Arc on my desk - making some measurements, testing scripts and so on, while in the same time, in a different room, there is another Arc that is doing an automated test that will take few weeks ?

Is it ok to buy two arcs and one premium for that case and make a use of all of Otii features?

You will need one license per computer which uses premium simultaneously. So in the setup you describe, you will need two licenses.

Also, when doing tests that stretch a few weeks, we highly recommend using otiicli as the desktop client will become very sluggish with weeks worth of data in it.

Hi chrfle,
Can we transfer the premium license from one computer along with the Arc (HW) to another computer?

Hello Habib

If you open the Account / Licenses menu it will show the Licenses window where you can return a licence. You can also change the duration you reserve it for so it will expire faster on its own…

Have a look at the help for some more details.

Hi chrfle,
Thanks for your quick response.
So you mean that we can install and use the Arc with one premium package on two or more computers but can not use simultaneously and just need to reserve/return it to be able to switch from one computer to the another one. Right?

That is correct.