Very long headless recordings (weeks)

I asked something similar a couple of years back and at the time I don’t think it was possible but hopefully things have moved on since…

The scenario is that we would like to use the Otii in automated testing. One test involves monitoring our device over several weeks to ensure that overall power consumption really is as expected (the device spends extended periods in very low power mode and periodically wakes up to perform tasks).

What we’d need to do to support this is use the C# TCP client library to start a recording then stream the latest power measurements periodically (every 60 seconds should be fine). We can decimate the data client-side to manage file-size.

It looks like the server API has various ways of getting recordings but it’s not clear to me if there is a way to pull off streamed data in a way that avoids having to interrupt the recording or avoids the otii eventually runng out of internal storage.

Is it possible to do what we want?

Edit Looks like there was a request about this back in 2019 where the answer was “no”.


Ping ?

Hi Neil,

To be able to do this, you need to do as in the post you found.
As mentioned, the drawback is that you will loose some 10s of ms of data when you start a new recording.
This will be improved in the major release we are working on.

Best regards,

Bjorn, thanks for the info. The obvious follow-up question is when the next major release is due? :wink:

In the meantime, can you advise on a “sensible” record/download frequency? Obviously if download very frequently (every second) we’ll miss a lot of samples but conversely if we download infrequently (once per day), we’ll have very long gaps because the download itself may take a considerable time.


We are soon to start a beta test of the major release, if you are interested in participating just create a case in our case system (Qoitech) and describe your user case.
We will then get back to you with more details when we are ready to start.

Regarding sensible start/stop frequency, I am sorry I have no recommendation here since this depends a lot on your device cycle time, your computer disc performance, operating system etc, so I cannot recommend anything but ask you to test yourself, sorry for this.

Best regards,