Otii 3.4 - is there a max recording size?

i ask, because i tried to do a recording over the weekend, would have been about 30 hours long, when i came today to finish it, it just showed the last 3 hour or so…

what happened to the rest of it?

what am i missing [besides 27 hours]?


In software 3.5.0, there is no max recording size.
Make sure you download this latest software as we have changes the license model and give away a lot of features for free, to make it simpler for you as a user.

In software earlier than 3.5.0 there is no limitation if you are logged in and uses a valid license, but the limit here is 10 minutes.

If you experience that there is no data after 3 hours, then there is something wrong.

  1. Is there space enough on the location you have chosen? To make sure that your recording is stored where you have enough storage space then save the project before you start the recording, then all data will be stored in the location selected, otherwise it will be stored in some temporary folder.
  2. Did you get a USB disconnect? If the USB connection is not stable, then there will be loss of data.

If you want us to help you figure out what is wrong, then I suggest that you create a case in our case system and attach the otii3.log file there. You can find the location for otii3.log file if you, in the app, click Help → Find otii3.log

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