Data streaming



I have been studying the lua API, however could not understand is there a possibility to stream the measured data in the realtime. Every example calls project:start(), then project:stop() and only then analyzes the data.

Our usecase is to capture the data continuously (virtually 24/7) and stream it in the realtime to some time-series database like InfluxDB. For data analysis we can match the measurements with the events registered through different channels by their timestamps.

Does Otii Arc support such feature?

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It is not possible to steam data in realtime.
The possibility you have is to, during the recording, access the data and analyse the new data points since last read.

What I try to explain is to iterate something like this:

number_of_new_samples = project:get_channel_count(device, recording_id, channel)
new_data = project:get_channel_data(device,recording_id,channel,number_of_old_samples+1,number_of_new_samples-number_of_old_samples)
number_of_old_samples = number_of_new_samples

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Thanks! Good to hear that recording does not have to be stopped to access the samples. I understand that over the time the recording will eat more and more memory. May I use to drop fetched samples?



project:crop_data function can only be used after recording is stopped.

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Is there some other way to contain memory utilization (am I right in my assumption?) and keep recording endlessly?



One way is to start a new recording and remove the old when the data is processed.
The drawback is the small glitch in time when starting a new recording.
To be creative, you could overlap this glitch by using a second Otii Arc and connect this with a sense resistor to ADC± and use the data from this. However, this might me a lot of work for small amount of data.

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