Powering a smartphone

we are trying to power a smartphone using the Otii Arc + the suggested external power supply. The smartphone is an old Nexus 5.
Following some documents and tutorials, we removed the battery and added 7 capacitors close to the battery circuit.
The 7 capacitors are 100uF each:

The Nexus 5 is known to work when using external power instead of a battery, as shown here:

The original battery is 3.8 V. We used the Otii Arc to provide 4.1 v to simulate a fully charged battery.
In this condition, the boot phase does not start.

We then tried to provide additional power also using the USB connector of the smartphone, using a common smartphone charger. In this case, the boot phase starts. We can see the boot phase proceeding for 5-6 seconds, then it stops abruptly.

Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything we can do to better understand what is the problem?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I have three comments/questions.

First is regarding the connection to the phone
In the tutorial you linked, they still use the battery-PCBA, and connect the power supply to the connection points on the PCBA where the battery cell is connected. Is your connection the same? I still believe that you need this PCBA in your connection.

My second comment is how does your measurement look like when the phone stops, is it a drop in voltage at the same time, then I believe you need more capacitance and/or thicker and shorter cable.

Last, you can get information from the phone by fetching the ADB logs. Look in a tutorial how you can access the ADB log file and read that for when the phone hangs, you probably have some good information there.

I hope you succeed!

Best regards,

Dear Björn,

thank you very much for your help!
We shortened the cables and now it works.
We haven’t tried yet the most energy-hungry configurations, but so far so good.

Thank you again.

Best regards,