App recording freezes and then crashes

Using Ubuntu Linux 20.04
Latest Otii app and firmware

I follow these steps to reproduce:

  • Open the app and choose to only record the main current.
  • Start a recording and then enable power.
  • Use Alt+mouse scroll to zoom in on the y axis
  • The current spikes up to about 30% of the y axis height on the graph and then the recording stops
  • When I try to stop recording and delete the trace the app crashes

I launched the otii app in a terminal, but it forked so there is no error output displayed.

The only way I was able to get it to work again was to power cycle the Otii Arc. It has been plugged in for >12 hours when this reproducible crash of the app happened. After power cycling the app does not crash and recording works fine again.

Actually I spoke too soon. About 10 minutes into the recording I wanted to stop recording and power cycle the DUT. Starting a new recording only lasted a second and then stopped. Trying to stop the recording and delete it caused the app to crash again.

How can I debug this? Currently the Otii is unusable to me.


I have seen crashes like this before, and then it has been related to things like network connected drives.
Try to change the working directory for Otii by going to File -> Preferences and change Open project folder.
If this doesn’t work, I suggest that you create a case in our case system and we will dig deeper into what the problem is.

Best regards,