Request : Release UART COM port when visualization box is unchecked

A nice feature would be to release the logged port for access from other programs when the visualization checkbox is unchecked.
Currently you need to go into project settings and uncheck the UART log and then go back to the project visualization.
Sometimes you want to plug the serial data into another program during runtime and then switch back to the Otii software at a later time.
This is possible also now but requires a lot of clicking.

Any thoughts on this?


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Hi Johan, welcome to the forum!

I understand that this will make UART switching more convenient so I will add this improvement suggestion in our backlog.
Thank you for your feedback!

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Thank you Björn,
Looking forward to this feature.


Oh god this would be amazing. Regularly swap between using Otii to using the saleae or just a serial terminal. Having to close the application to achieve this is a little annoying.